• Georgina Villarreal, MSN

#NursesCan Campaign

Inspired by the “We Can Do It!" poster, the #NursesCan campaign was created to boost nurse worker moral and share stories from of modern-day nurse heroes during our countries COVID-19 pandemic.

In 1942, an artist known as J. Howard Miller was hired by the Westington Company’s War Production Coordination Committee to create an image to boost female worker morale during WWII. Thus, “Rosie the Riveter” and the historical, “We Can Do It!” poster was born.

Decades later, we are 4 million nurses strong and make up the largest group of female dominated health care professionals in the United States. Today, I am so proud to honor each and every nurse, no matter gender, role or race, in our countries current war against COVID-19.

These are the faces of just some of the women both on the frontlines and in the community providing resources and tools to help nurses survive and thrive in a time of war.

We are Nurses,









And so much more.

We are 4 million strong.

Join us!!!


1) Email and I will email you your photo back with the badge or you can DM me on instagram and I will send your badge directly!

2) Use hashtag #NursesCan and share why you are proud to be a nurse! Tag @nurse.georgie and @holliblu, our nurse community champion, on Instagram.

3) Tag and nominate your nurse family and friends so I can make a tribute to them! Dont forget to use hashtag #nursescan. I will be highlighting and sharing as many stories as I can on my personal Instagram page as well as a follow-up blog!

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Images shown are RN's and APN's around the U.S.A. :

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