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From Bedside Nurse to Director of Partnership Marketing for Nurse Startup App, HOLLIBLU Inc.

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

This is it! Taking the plunge into nurse technology has been nothing short of amazing and exciting. Nursing has a funny way of showing you when it’s time to take the next big step in your career and I trust that this opportunity is now or never.

Last September, 2018, I met one of the most incredible humans at a nurses give back event hosted by the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House and her name is Cara Lunsford. It was during that same month that Cara attended the Resilient Nurse Workshop hosted by my dear friend, Monique Daughty, aka Nurse Mo (one of the most hard-working and inspirational nurse leaders I know). Cara, with intention sat in on the entrepreneur panel I led, raised her hand and proceeded to ask questions surrounding COMMUNITY (a word I seriously love).

What does community mean to you?

How do you build community online through social media?

What are tips you used to build your community of 20k followers?

The Resilient Nurse Workshop, Hosted by Monique Daughty, RN & Emerald Heath Services

Cara wanted to know how I was going to help her build Holliblu’s community. Little did I know it was actually a job interview for the biggest opportunity of my life. Holliblu, a nurse led start up, was coinsidently exactly what I was looking for.

That year, keeping in touch and watching Cara grow as a Registered Nurse, Wife, Mother, Founder and CEO of a major start-up was priceless. She is the epitome of a nurse pioneer and leader who left pediatric oncology nursing because her mission grew beyond the bedside. I was inspired by her drive and fearlessness and I was committed to helping her launch this app to success.


To build a vibrant community where nurses thrive. 


A world where empowered nurses transform healthcare. 

So what is HOLLIBLU you ask?!

Ultimately we are a NEW, EXCLUSIVE & FREE APP for nurses created to help you connect, stay organized and take advantage of side hustles we all know nurses love!

Currently our app features include:

~ 2 step authentication for maximum protection 

~ Virtual professional profile created by you so that you are finally able to store all of your nurse files in one place 

~ Automatic enrollment in certification renewal reminder updates so you don’t miss CEU’s

~ A calendar to help you keep track of assignments

~ A search tab to browse available assignments in your local area (where you can pick up 1-12 hour gigs in home health, infusion nursing, private duty etc.)

~ A search tab for companies currently partnered with Holliblu who are looking for nurses like you!

~ An activity tab to keep track of connections

... and more!

If you are a nurse and have not yet downloaded the app, I ask that you please do so! Its free, secure, and a tool every nurse should keep in their nurse toolbox! Our app recently crossed 1,500 downloads which we are thrilled about, but that means there are 3M more nurses we are committed to reaching!

So will I ever go back to bedside nursing? Not likely.

However, what I DO KNOW, is I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime and I will never give up on leading and supporting a community where Holliblu nurses thrive.

In the mean time I am living my best life building partnerships, curating nurse content and marketing campaigns to highlight and recognize the most trusted profession in the nation! THANK YOU NURSES FOR ALL THAT YOU DO !!

Holliblu sponsored pizza parties in honor of our upcoming nation wide campaign called

Cure Cancer. Support Nurses. Eat Pizza.



For partnership and brand ambassador opportunities please email me directly at and for more information you can visit our website at


It’s never too late to start your passion project. It might just turn into your calling! While you build your brand and ideas, you will hit road blocks and setbacks. It’s all a part of the process. You MUST keep going and you MUST be your biggest fan. No one will believe in your dream as much as you do. Seeing Cara’s hard-work and passion for HOLLIBLU only made it easier for me to believe. Once you decide to choose freedom over fear, you can live life by your design.

Thanks for reading! Please drop a comment, like or share this blog. I’d love to hear from you!

You can also find me on instagram @nurse.georgie for more day to day action as a nurse entrepreneur working with HOLLIBLU!

-Nurse Georgie, MSN, RN

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